Monday, May 4, 2009

Install on Homebrew Channel and Backup Launcher Wii menu 3.4

*For wii system menu 3.4*

1. Install the Homebrew Channel via Twilight Hack v0.1 beta 2. Links: Guide and Official Download
2. Download WAD Manager 1.3 and place it on your SD card in the /apps/directory/(Mine is in /apps/Wadmanager13 on the root of SD)
3. Download 3in1Softmod_REV3. This pack contains several .wad files that will be used in the next few steps.
4. Download IOS16 !!WAD!! file IOS16-64-v257-prod.wad and put IOS16-64-v257-prod.wad in the SD cards WAD folder(/wad/ in root of SD)
5. Launch Homebrew Channel and install IOS16 Wad with Wadmanager 1.3
6. In the /apps/ directory of the SD card, create a new directory called WadManagerIOS16
7. In the 3in1Softmod_REV3 pack there is a Wii_SD_Card directory. Copy the boot.mod file (**NOT BOOT.DOL**) to the /apps/WadManagerIOS16 directory on your SD card. Rename it to Boot.dol. NOTE: for those who are having trouble renaming, here is the boot.dol file already renamed from boot.mod. Sometimes Windows has trouble renaming file extensions.
8. Copy 07-cIOS249-v7_waninkokoFULL-nw7.wad from the 3in1Softmod_REV3/Wii_SD_Card/directory to you WAD directory on the SD card (/wad/ in the root of SD card)
9. Launch Homebrew Channel and install 07-cIOS249-v7_waninkokoFULL-nw7.wad using WadManagerIOS16 (if you install is via Wad Manager 1.3 you will get an error).
10. Dowload Backup Launcher 0.3gamma, and place it in the /apps/ directory on your SD card. Run Backup Launcher from the Homebrew Channel and you should be good to go! This worked with no issues on my 3.4 Wii.
11. I tested a backup launched directly from the backup launcher and had no problems!


  1. Hey thanks alot for your help. Your guide-lines really helped me. I am just curious what software did you use to burn your iso?

  2. Sorry for the delay. I use imgburn to burn all my games. You can get it for free. Just type imgburn in google. Enjoy!